GRAVITY (Work in Progress)

or: "You are doing WHAT?"

I guess every quilter sews more than one quilt at a time, right? (Right??). I have several projects running, most of them will by sewn by machine. For reasons of time, for example. But I always need a hand sewing project. I love to sew in the so called “found moments”, when my little son falls asleep in the car and I just sit there for some time to let him sleep. I know, as soon as I move him, he will be awake. So I sit. And sew. Or when I am too early to pick up my daughter from Kindergarten, or when I am waiting at a doctors waitingroom or when I treat myself with half an hour of peace and a soy latte at a café. Secondly, I don’t like carrying my sewing machine around the globe. I am kind of a lazy person. So I love to take my project to sewing circles without much effort.

Last christmas I ran out of handsewing projects, because my hexagon-project needed a break and is -still today- lying on the spare bed for some serious thinking. And I got the Gravity fabric kit as a christmas present from the best of all husbands. Originally, I planned to finish ALL my UFOs this year and as a treat I may beginn with the Gravity after everything is done….

Yeah, the plan was foredoomed.
And yes, I am going to sew the wonderfull Gravity from Jaybild Quilts with my own very hands. In case you don’t know, why this is considered as crazy: the finished quilt measures 97" x 96".
So I started with the colored diamonds. I precut every diamond, put the right letter on every piece of fabric, made little bags with a schema how to arrange the single pieces and took them with me in my purse. And I have to say: I am surprised how quickly this was done! I made an exception at 4 of the diamonds, where you have to sew some strips together and then cut these into half hexagons (or something else). I don’t think I would be a great idea to make these by hand. So 4 were sewn by machine, every else by hand.
Front and back of the same diamond:

This is one of the machine pieced diamonds:

And again: Front and back.

I love this stitching! It is so much fun! But I am not sure about the seam allowances. How do I arrange them properly?

Next: Cutting, cutting, cutting. I want to cut and sort the background pieces all at once. So this will be much cutting the next days. And I guess I need a new carrying system. My little bags are much too small for the big diamonds of the background. There was a time, when I thought of sewing the grey parts by machine because the are bigger. But then I would have to look for a new handsewing project, right? And where’s the sense in that?!
Thanks for your reading!


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