Jinny Beyer’s “Moroccan Mystery” BOM

Part 2 (For Part 1, click here.)

I finished the second clue of Jinny Beyer’s Mystery BOM. It was quite easy, too, and very relaxing. I never thought that sewing by hand could be done so quickly and so easy.

I have no idea, how big the stitches of other hand sewers are, but I like mine :) And I love how the seam allowances are organized on the back of the pieces. What I have learned: When sewing by hand, you don’t sew the seam allowances to the fabric like you do when you stitch by machine. You just sew from dot to dot. Then you can swirl the seam allowances and they lie perfectly flat, no bulking!

If you are interested in sewing by hand, I highly recommend Jinny’s book “Quiltmaking by Hand” (no, I don’t get money for that, I am really convinced of it).
Looking forward to the next clue!
Thanks for your Reading!


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