Block of the Month - Intermediate Result

Well. June is as good as over and I thought it might be a good idea to have a look on my BOMs of this year.

I don't know how I made it, but I finished the 5th clue of the Jinny Beyer BOM "Moroccan Mystery" in time. This month, we had to appliqué quite some flowers to the pieces of the previous month. My first thoughts were like, no. I'll never do this on time. I had no idea of appliquéing. Fortunately, Jinny makes great videos how to master the clues. She recommends the Appliquick-Method.
The first 2 pieces, I just did how I thought it might work. Well. I won't make a close-up picture of them :) Then I thought, I might try the Appliquick-Method, so I took my daughter's glue and some chopsticks, because I would only buy the Appliquick-Tools, when I was sure that I like the work. But it turned out: I really don't like the feeling of glue on fabrics. This is too messy for me and I am oldschool. So I had a closer look at an appliqué book I bought some time ago and started so cut the pieces properly and hand baste them. And this I really liked, so in the end I really enjoyed working it all by hand, thread and needle.

I am so happy, I made this in time! This morning, I couldn't help but play around a bit with the pieces I made until today.
Have a look:

I am curious how I will look in the end!

I had to make eight of those this month.


Then, secondly.
My favorite fabric store also hosts a mystery BOM this year. This is this months star:

I don't this I have ever matched a corner this perfect...

These are the stars of last month. I kind of forgot to show them, I think...

This is what I got so far. 

And in the End: a confession. In January, I started with 3 BOMs, but I won't finish the "Lichtblicke" BOM this year. I just can't see any foundation paper piecing any more. Perhaps I have sewn to much of is last winter. So the three stars I have already made, will move to the UFO-Box. Perhaps I will finish them next year, but not now.

This week, I will start something "unpatchworky". My husband needs a coat or two for his work at steampunk fairs, victorian fairs and stuff. So I will try, if I can do this :) I am looking forward to this!

Thanks for your reading!


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