Impressions from the "Patchwork-Days" in Fürth/Germany

I can hardly believe it, but I was able to leave my kids with their wonderful father this weekend (who had a few free days, woo-hoo!) and travel to Fürth, to visit the "Patchwork-Days". This is the annual quiltshow of the german patchwork- and quilt guild.

And there was much to see!
Of course, I wasn't able to take pictures of all the beautiful quilts, but a few pictures were taken.

Here we go!

Ricky Tims
In USA - everybody knows him, I guess. Over here in Germany, he is a rare personality. I loved his quilts and the workshop I attended.

"Convergence Quilt" - Ricky Tims

"Fairy Ring" - Ricky Tims

"Self Portrait" - Ricky Tims

"Kool Kaleidoskop" - Ricky Tims

"Bohemian Rapsody" - Ricky Tims

Olivia Uffer

Tradition - Moderne XI
The signature show of the german Quilt Guild.

"Quadrate, Quadrate" - Ingrid Meyer

Quadrate, Quadrate - Detail

"Ohne Titel" - Monika Gawol

"Ohne Titel" - Detail

"Schattenspiel" - Monika Flake

"Schattenspiel" - Detail

Mein absoluter Lieblingsquilt aller Ausstellungen zusammen kommt hier:

"Virtual Reality" - Jutta Kohlbeck

"Virtual Reality" - Detail

"Virtual Reality" - Detail

"Virtual Reality" - Detail

"MEIN Lebensbaum" - Heike Heidberg-Költgen

"MEIN Lebensbaum" - Detail

"Zerbrochene Illusionen" - Lilo Hartmann

"Zerbrochenen Illusionen" - Detail
"Feuerwerk der Farben" - Sabine Valdix

"Vogelwild" - Den Namen konnte ich leider auf dem Foto nicht mehr erkennen

My Garden
A challenge from 2016/17, where the participants had to create "their" garden. The results couldn't have been more colorful. 

Yes we can quilt!
The executive board of the german guild wanted to prove that they can - beside organizing, networking etc - quilt!

"Blick ins Regal" - Carola Glor

"Blick ins Regal" - Detail

"Sunshine and Shadow" - Petra Niermann 
"Crazy Canadian Square Dance" - Barbara Reschka

"Mein Mandala" - Heike Rosenbaum

"Immer wieder gerne ... Log Cabin" - Marion Kranz 
"Immer wiede gerne ... LogCabin" - Detail

"Frühlingserwachen" - Heike Költgen

"Frühlingserwachen" - Detail

"Maurisch verflochten" - Judith Maaß

"Familienbande" - Carola Höpfner

"Topsy Turvy" - Angelika Reinhard

"Die letzte Rose des Sommers" - Cornelia aus dem Spring

Sma' Shot Collection - Paisley Quilters Schottland

"Schottische Erinnerungen" - Ann Hill

"Fenster mit Bleiverglasung" - Elizabeth Graham

Rainer-Maria Rilke - A Textile Interpretation of Magda Goldbach and Veronika Schlüsselburg

Is it art or a potholder? 

Wide Horizon V - SAQA

"Mother & Child" - Bodil Gardner

"Discovery" - Cindy Richard

"Returning Home" - Travis Gillian

"Earth's Magnetic Field" - Barbara Lange

"Berber" - Grace Meijer

"Splash" - Edith Bieri-Hanselmann

"Liberty" - Sandra Newton

"Am I beautiful yet?" - Claire Passmore

"Tranquillity" - Elly van Steenbeek

Yes! You made it till here! Congratulations!!

I hope, you enjoyed the pictures!


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