The waxed cotton coat

My husband normally makes his money on renaissance fairs. Of course, he has a lot of clothes matching this theme and era. But lately we got some new markets and fairs in which call for a different style - steampunk, to be exactly. This is why he needed a new protection of bad weather. A coat seemed to be perfect for this. So I made him one :D

I guess he likes it!

I be honest: I thought this was a thing of a few weeks max. Now it took quite some time. Mostly because I was really afraid of the fabric. Waxed cotton. It feels like tarpaulin and is not very willing to compromise. Especially around the sleeves. So you won't see any closeup views of the shoulders ;) PLUS it is the most expensive fabric I ever worked with and I was quite afraid of ruining something.

My masterpiece is the back shield. I worked on it for 2 days. It was all copied from my man's working T-Shirt with pencil and thin sandwich paper. What I did: Iron the background fabric on the shield, apply the border stripe by hand, appliqué the sword and the writing by machine (it says "Beerenweine" which means "Berrywines", the company we are working for and the product we are selling). Then I embroidered the yellow lines above the writing by hand with a whipped stem stitch in 2 colors and added a little grey acrylic paint on the white letters to give it some structure.

It turned out really well and I am happy with it. Here you can see it on the finished coat:

To make it wearable for steampunk fairs, I chose the pattern version with the button tabs and used buckles with and aged brass patina and instead of an hook and eye the coat is closed with an aged brass clasp.

My man can't hardly wait to wear it next weekend. Well, I hope he hasn't to, because it is for rainy weather :D

Last detail: Big project, big fear, big learning curve equals big label :D

It says: "sewn by 'the quilter'" (the quiltress? Is there a female version of "quilter" in English?). The label is free motion quilted and free motion appliquéed, bordered by some bigstitch handquilting and has my label in the upper right corner. You have to do something for you ego, too! Right?

PS: No, I am not megalomaniac and don't think I am "THE" (one and only) quilter. I just try to create a kind of alter ego for markets. The time will come and my kids will be grown up and I might go back to earning my money on markets and fairs. An established "character" is helpful then :)

Well. This was it. My very first coat. I still have some fabric in the same texture but in a rusty red for a second coat, but shorter. It will only cover the knees. I am thinking about sewing it right now and THEN bring my brave sewing machine to the technician to let all the wax-fuzz-booger remove from the moving parts or do it myself and to reschedule the second coat to next year, because I have quite a sewing list for this year left. I don't know yet. But a lone winter is coming, like every year and I need something to do sew in the evenings.

Here are some details:
Pattern: McCalls Costumes M7374 Version C with shield and button tabs
Alternations: None! I made a testrun with a cheap fabric and it fitted absolutely perfect!
Fabric: Coat: Oilskin Waxed Cotton found on DaWanda; Lining: a artificial silk with brocat design

Thank you for your reading!


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