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I recently finished a baby quilt for the daughter of my sister in law. They made a spontaneous visit last week (they live a few hours drive away), so I took the chance and gave her the quilt although the baby is due on October 13. When I give a quilt to a mother-to-be, I like to give it a few weeks before the birth, so she can "prepare the nest" completely and doesn't have to wait for the baby to be born to finish the last touch ups. 

As I said, the visit was quite spontaneously, so I didn't have the time to take a picture of the finished quilt, but here is a picture of the quilt sandwich. 

It was made out of a beautiful panel I found in my favourit quilt shop. I just added the green and orange border and appliquéd the the little monkey-pictures and bubbles on it. Well, and the name of the baby, of course. The backing is a nice green minky fabric.

Like every year I was completely surprised by the arrival of fall. I don't like fall. Or winter. Or spring. Well. So I tend to ignore the signs. I should stop that. Or migrate to a warmer country.
Nevertheless. The kids now have a bunch of new longarm-clothes:

One of my favorite patterns: I like the neat look. You don't see any sewing lines of the serger or threads.

The sewing of it is a bit more complicated than a simple shirt or sweater, but if you got this far, the work is almost done.

Ta-daaa! Finished.

Next step: a few longsleeves. I am always stunned, how much jersey knits I have lying around in my sewing room. 

My little girl is becoming a big girl recently, so I made her some more girl-ish stuff. A star appliqué and a destroyed appliqué. In my humble opinion, the latter works great with the striped fabric.

Close-up of the destroyed appliqué:

I hope my girl likes them. 

Of course, my son got some stuff, too. I like how the bees-fabric works for a boy's shirt. I was a bit afraid, it might look too girly. He is often mistaken for a girl, because he has a bit longer hair. 

As a quilter, I simply can't live (or sew) without a few hexagons :D

Last but not least: two "matching" sweaters. A new pattern for me. My husband used a similar pattern for his hoodie, and now the kids have the same :)

Now, the winter can come! 
Best of all: I took all the fabrics out of my stash. I had to by not a single inch of additional fabric. Yeah! Use what you have, right?

Thanks for you reading!

"Stoffmixpulli" ("Mix-up-your-fabrics-hoodie") from Klimperklein
Raglan-Shirt from Klimperklein
Smartfit-Hoodie from MamasLiebchen


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