The Hat for the Coat

No, I WON'T start with an apology!
Yes, I know, it is quite some time since my last sign of life.

Well, what should I say. I have to little kids and the kindergarten was closed in August. And I am kind of a part-time single parent. So I wasn't very productive in August because the couch was my best friend in the evenings, while the dust in the sewing room was getting higher and higher. There. No apology, but some lame excuse ;) 

BUT the times they are a-changing. I had to be very brave, because my little baby boy isn't so little anymore and he is visiting the kindergarten with his big sister now. I thought the "warm-up"-time would take as long as it took with his sister. I blocked the whole September (I will return to work in October) to help him getting settled in the new environment. But on the first day I said: "Bye honey, Mommy is leaving now!" and he was just like: "Oday, Mama, Bye!". Turns around and leaves to play something. Doesn't look back for a second.

Well. After a morning of feeling odd I realized: I have a whole month full-time sewing time, now! Wohoooo! And I love it :)

So, first things first. My hubby needed a hat for his new steampunk coat. I didn't feel ready to try my skills on a top hat, so I made him a peaked cap I have sewn several times before. The cap itself was sewn quite fast. Even with the waxed cotton.

I love to use special and beautiful fabrics for lining. This time, I used a Kaffe Fasset fabric with stripes. A small piece I found in my favorite fabric store. I decided to quilt all the lines.  Had no iron-on batting, so I had to :D

Time for some goggles. Don't ask me what they are for, but every steamer needs a pair of goggles. So here they are :)

And attached! The construction was kind of freestyle, but I like it. I think it looks kind of cool.

Ready to rumble! My hubby already likes them and I am looking forward for when I can see the whole outfit together. I will report :)

I am off now, have to clean a sewing machine of the wax :)

Thanks for your reading!


Peaked hat "Schirmmütze London" by Orimono via Dawanda, but they seemed to stop their business, I couldn't find them anymore...


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