BOM Time (August and September)

The bad thing about BOMs is, that you realize how fast a month can pass. I wanted to show you this some weeks ago. Here are the results of August and September. Just a quick glimpse:

First of all: the colorful Stars-BOM of "my" fabric store. This is from August: 

I think I managed to match the point every now and then.

Three more months to go...

This is the part of September, a second bunch of 8 stars (we have already done some like these):

And secondly: The Jinny Beyer "Moroccan Mystery" BOM.
We had to produce four of these quares out of the pieces we have sewn until now.

Next month... well... on Saturday, we well get the final clue. I guess we will sew them together like this and add a border. I am looking forward to this!

Thanks for your reading!

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  1. I just love Jinny Beyer's work, have been a fan of hers since I first saw her on Alex Anderson's 'Simply Quilts'. Yours is breathtaking! I know what you mean about a month going fast...


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