Some Update...

... or what I did the last few weeks.

 First things first: October was the last month of Jinny Beyer's "Moroccan Mystery"-BOM.
 It was very much fun to make and I am already thinking of making another Jinny Beyer design. But I have some quilting to do before that.

Here you can see the finished top, ready for basting. It is sewn completely by hand and will be quilted the same way.

And some details. The month when we had to make 8 of these appliqué-blocks was quite hard. But I love how it turns out. 

Jinny loves to play with her borderprint fabrics. And I have to admit: I love it, too. You can add some very impressive elements without much effort.

Then: My favorite quilt shops BOM with a star theme. Here you can see the blocks from October and November. 

I am a bit sad, that I didn't think about sorting the colors in a rainbow from the very first month. I loooove sorting things by color. Next month will be the last block from this BOM.  At the end of this year, I am kind of collecting finished tops, so I well be a spring of quilting, I guess :)

Next in line: My brother saw one of my Bionic Gear Bags and wanted one for himself. So I am sewing my fourth of them. This time as manly as possible :) The lining is ready, and I did some sashiko-experiments on the outside. But I haven't assembled them yet. I hope to finish it next week tops. 

Here is a close-up from the stitching:

This was stitched with a doubled hand-quilting thread. The embroidery floss I normally use was too bulky and if I take only 1 thread of it, it will tear right away. But the quilting yarn worked perfect for me. 

Last, but not least: I finally cut (after months of procrastination) the grey pieces for the background of my Gravity top. The colorful diamonds were all sewn by hand, but the edges of the background pieces were quite long and I don't have time to kill in baby-play-groups anymore since I am back to work since October. So I will sew them by machine.  

Already sorted how I will use them.

Thanks for your reading!


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